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    Your Trusted Newborn Circumcision Expert in Ottawa

    At The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic, Dr. Mohamad Akil provides a highly-skilled and trusted circumcision technique for the comfort of you and your newborn.

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Make The Comfortable Choice

The expertise and techniques used at The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic are designed to make the newborn circumcision an easy, comfortable and beneficial choice.

Welcome to The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic

Dr. Mohamad Akil, BSc, MEd, LMCC, MD, CCFP is the principal physician at The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic with over 4000 procedures of experience utilizing a highly-skilled technique to ensure the best and most comfortable results.

At The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic we care about you and your newborns, and our goal is to provide circumcision services that are as painless, clean, and efficient as possible. We know the decision can be a difficult one, but our approach and the benefits make that decision easy and comfortable to make.

Why Choose Us?

The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic | Ottawa Speciality & Emergency Vet

From Parents of Our Patients

  • Dr. Akil was awesome with my 5-month-old. He is a caring father and he treated my son with utmost care and precision. I highly recommend him for all the services he offers.

    - Hasib Masroor
  • Very clean and professional. Dr. Akil took his time, was very patient and explained all details of the procedure.

    - Nicole Khoury
  • Dr. Akil is kind, knowledgeable and professional at his job. He kindly called us 3 hours after the circumcision and checked on our baby then again after 2 weeks. Thank you doctor for your great contribution to our Ottawa multicultural community. My best thanks and greetings to you. Thank you very much, sir.

    - Magid Almoflehi
  • Dr. Mohamad Akil was extremely amazing and caring with the the procedure and very comforting and assuring. Also the staff was very kind and attentive to all our request needs and inquiries. Amazing facility and the hygiene is exceptional.

    - Nasser Ahmed
  • My son had his circumcision procedure done with Dr. Mohamad Akil. He is so kind, friendly and so professional knowing what to do. He kept following up with me about the baby's condition and answering any questions or concerns I had.

    - Khawla Boulahbal
  • Dr . Mohamad Akil did an amazing job on my 3-month-old son's circumcision. I called about 6 other circumcision clinics in Ottawa and they all said they couldn't do it because my son was over 8 weeks old expect for Dr. Akil's clinic. The whole team was very friendly and caring, trust me I came all the way from Iqaluit, Nunavut for his recommended services which were very impressive.

    - Elizabeth Oladimeji
  • Dr. Akil performed a circumcision on my 3-week-old baby. He gave us full information and assurance of the procedure. He did a very good job. My son only had discomfort during the procedure and didn't feel anything after that. His healing went smoothly! Dr. Akil was available via phone anytime needed. Highly recommend.

    - Bahareh Gh
  • Dr. Akil is an amazing doctor! He and his staff are very welcoming and friendly. I took my 2-week-old son to him for circumcision and he explained everything before doing it and made me feel very comfortable. He connects with you on a personal level and is willing to help with anything he can. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Great experience.

    - Kass Houston
  • Dr. Akil does a great job of explaining the procedure and making you feel comfortable bringing your child here. Highly recommend!

    - Saima Mohmand
  • I found this clinic online and I definitely can say that it was an amazing choice. The people at the reception were very kind and the place was completely clean. Dr. Mohamed Akil was very friendly and professional and really made us feel confident in him with his knowledge and expertise. Thank you very much!

    - Farhiya Ali

Specialists | The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic | Ottawa Speciality & Emergency Vet
Specialists | The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic | Ottawa Speciality & Emergency Vet
Specialists | The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic | Ottawa Speciality & Emergency Vet
Specialists | The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic | Ottawa Speciality & Emergency Vet

More Comfort, More Smiles

At TOCC the Mogen Clamp technique utilized by Dr. Mohamad Akil is one that requires more precision and more skill to perform. This allows for minimal discomfort, faster healing time and higher cosmetic quality as compared to other circumcision techniques.

This makes the Mogan Clamp technique a better long-term investment and more comfortable and beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your son.

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Address & Hours

The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic proudly serves patients in Ottawa, Gatineau, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Akil accepts patients from any province and country.

Clinic Hours

  • Monday:09:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Tuesday:09:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Wednesday:09:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Thursday:09:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Friday:09:00 am - 01:00 pm
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed


168 Charlotte Street Suite 304 Ottawa ON K1N 8K6 CA


(613) 797- 2472

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Your Choice For Circumcision

With Dr. Mohamad Akil's expertise and nearly painless and clean technique, The Ottawa Circumcision Clinic is the best choice for circumcision for your son.

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